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The Essentials

If you are planning to visit Aigues-Mortes and you are wondering what the most remarkable spots are, you don't have look any further. We have put together a list of this charming medieaval city's essentail sites.

From the majesctic ramparts to the doorstep of the Notre-Dame des Sablons church, through Camargue horse and bull ranches to the salt marshes, Aigues-Mortes is teeming with treasure waiting to be revealed. Follow us to discover the must-sees.

Aigues-Mortes towers and ramparts

To visit the Aigues-Mortes towers and ramparts is to really know the city. What a privilege to be able to access the various towers and gates of the medieval city walls and discover its architectural treasures.

We begin at the governor's quarters and the three exhibition halls housed in it, to embark on the discovery journey. 

Crossing the "sleeping bridge", we can admire ingenious architecture of the famous Tour de Constance, an impregnable stronghold. We arrive at the tower viewing terrace, which grants us a 360° panorama, with a view of Pic Saint Loup, weather permitting.

From here, you can stroll along the ramparts, admiring the different landscapes: to the south, the saltworks; to the west, the port; to the north, the new town; and to the east, the fields. Take a look inside the walls, and you'll be amazed by the orderly layout of the streets.

For history buffs: exhibitions, animated films and other installations that tell the story of the town and its fortifications, can be appreciated throughout the walk.

Remparts Aigues-Mortes - étang de la ville

Aigues-Mortes Saltworks

The Salin d'Aigues-Mortes is a nature reserve unlike any other. Just 1.5 km from the city walls, it stretches over 8,000 hectares of unspoilt nature. Salt dunes, pink salt ponds, exceptional flora and fauna - which option will you choose to explore it?

For the contemplative, let yourself be carried by the mini train. If you like, you can even climb a camelle (a huge salt dune). 

There are also routes reserved for cyclists. Whether guided by a passionate naturalist or on your own, enjoy the wind in your ears, the smells teasing your nostrils and the landscapes filling your eyes! A unique experience!

For those who prefer to walk, you'll amble around a salt table, admire the reflection of the sun on the salt crystals. Alone or with a guide, you'll be totally engrossed!

For an immersive visit, guided by a former salt-maker, you can take a 4x4 into the heart of the grounds, to the nurseries where baby flamingos are reared and develop in complete tranquillity... An incredible escapade!

Salin Aigues-Mortes vue aérienne Nuit Salines
Via Rhôna : Aigues-Mortes Gallician, cycliste canal

Notre-Dame des Sablons Church

Nef de l'église ND des Sablons

The church of Notre-Dame des Sablons bears witness to the crusades of Louis IX, the city's founder. Plundered, occupied, reclassified, enlarged, remodeled, pared down and renovated, it is now the showcase for unique works of art by exceptional, world-renowned artists!

As we enter the structure, we are struck by the harmony of the centuries-old stonework and the contemporary stained glass windows by artists Claude Viallat and Bernard D'Honneur. The magnificent, brightly-colored stained glass windows flood the church in a distinctive, ever-changing light that tracks the path of the sun.

We amble through. We discover a glass tabernacle by the multi-talented artist Jean Pierre Formica, and a stylized bust of Saint Louis by Josep Maria Subirach. This Spanish artist, whose style is clearly recongnizable, sculpted the Passion façade of Barcelona's famous Sagrada Familia basilica.

Cross the central aisle, covered with time-weathered cobblestones, sit in the dark wooden pews and let the serenity of the place engulf you.

Les manades : bull and horse breeders

Want to get into the heart of the Camargue and its ancestral traditions?

We'll take you to a manade, a Camargue bull and horse farm.

Choose your itinerary. Whether on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage, in a trailer pulled by a tractor or at a horse's pace, we're greeted by the owner, a dedicated manadier who tells us all about his job and his passion. He guides us through this unique landscape. 

In summer, we take part in a Camargue soiree, a veritable ballet of men and women gardians mounted on their Camargue horses, so in tune one with the other that you could almost see centaurs! Games with gardians, retrieving of bouquet, branding... We taste local delicacies and dance to the rhythm of gypsy music under the starry sky. Once the party's over, we leave and you're gripped, almost immediately, by the desire to do it all again. We've definitely been seduced.

In conclusion, Aigues-Mortes is a must-see destination for history and medieval heritage lovers. The towers and ramparts offer a breathtaking view of the town and its surroundings. The Notre-Dame des Sablons church is an architectural gem, housing unique works of art. The Aigues-Mortes saltworks offer an exceptional nature experience, while the Via Rhôna allows you to relax along the canal. Finally, the manades grant an immersion in Camargue traditions, with bull and horse breeding. Whether you're interested in history, nature or local traditions, Aigues-Mortes is sure to captivate you.

Manade Jullian 5

La Via Rhôna on foot or by bike

The Via Rhôna, a chance to let go! 

Get on your bike or into comfortable shoes. Put on your rucksack, packed with some essentials: a bottle of water, sun screen, a snack and a small repair kit. And we're off!

We head south towards the Mediterranean Sea for a 6km ride between the canal and the old salt marshes. A quick glance at the harbor, where the boats sway gently against the backdrop of the city's ramparts.
With a breeze in your hair, breathe in the scents, let yourself be lulled by the undulating waters of the canal, and wait to be astonished by a pink flamingo taking flight.

If you wander a few kilometers northwards, you'll come across the majestic Tour Carbonnière, a former outpost of the city of Aigues-Mortes, set amidst ponds and reed beds. To reach it, take the wooden walkway that winds above the water. Climb the spiral staircase to the tower's viewing platform.

Let yourself be charmed by the calm and the beauty of the landscape.

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