Rempart est - porte de la reine après la pluie

Dodge the bad weather

Rain, rain, go away! Being in Aigues-Mortes on a rainy day is a great opportunity to have a unique experience in the heart of the city. Trade a day at the beach for a number of activities. Grab your umbrellas! Find out what to do, what to see and where to go when it rains. Now all you have to do is chose from our selection of activities.

Explore the Seaquarium Marine Institute

Seaquarium 2

Watch a good movie at the Marcel Pagnol city cinema

A marine aquarium with over 200 species of Mediterranean and tropical fish, 25 species of sharks, seals and sea lions in giant tanks, the Seaquarium Institut Marin has established itself as an active defender of the seabed.

Visit and learn with your family at this institute committed to the active promotion and preservation of marine ecosystems.

For more information:

Cinéma municipal Marcel Pagnol

A good film when it’s raining, is a good way to unwind. Take advantage of our movie theatre to watch or re-watch your favorite movies. Discover our Opera/Ballet program while watching classics like “Romeo and Juliette”, “The Nutcracker”, “Don Quixote”… or other screenings that will take you by surprise, with friends or family.

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Our tips: 

Parking is free. To obtain your free parking exit pass, remember to present your parking ticket (Valid for parking lots P2, P3, P4, P5)

Are you a family? Our movie theatre offers Ciné Kids screenings every Wednesday morning at a single rate of 4€ /person.

Read a good book at the André Chamson multimedia library

Médiathèque André Chamson

Reading a book when it’s raining outside is one of life’s little pleasures. To read a good book, leaf through a magazine or delve into our children’s books, come to the André Chamson multimedia library located on rue Nicola Lassere, just a 10-min walk from the historic city center. 

For more information: @mediathequesenterredecamargue

Visit the Maison Grand Site de France ecomuseum

La Marette - Maison Grand Site de France Espace muséo

For those with a passion for history, tradition and natural heritage, visit the Maison Grand Site de France de la Camargue Gardoise ecomuseum at La Marette. Explore the exhibition space and discover how our unique region has evolved over the years. If the rain is light, take the marked trail to discover Camargue's flora and fauna.

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Discover art galleries that add color to the city

Rain doesn’t dampen the creativity that permeates Aigues-Mortes. Let yourself be charmed by local art galleries, which display a multitude of captivating and unique works. Aigues-Mortes often hosts art and history exhibitions that allow you to learn more about the city’s cultural wealth while having a great time.

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Consult the cultural calendar : 

Femme fille tableau galerie

 Go on a shopping spree


A well-deserved break is a must, and a rainy day in Aigues-Mortes is just the perfect setting to unwind. Well-being professionals offer massages, facials, SPA sessions and manicures to pamper yourself and indulge in a moment of timeless relaxation.

For more information:

Spa, Massage, femme, bien-être

It’s a well-known fact that shopping is a great way to lift your spirits and escape monotony. It’s also an opportunity to chat with the city store vendors! From handicrafts to unique products and souvenir shops, let yourself be tempted! A rainy day is the perfect time to buy holiday souvenirs.

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Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation 

Here in Aigues-Mortes, come rain or come shine, the days are fine. Take advantage of the present moment and savor life by finding beauty in the simple things. After all, you appreciate a sunny day all the more after a rainy one.


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