Spécialités d'Aigues-Mortes

Rich in culinary specialities, Aigues-Mortes remains a high place of the Camargue Gastronomy.
The Medieval city shelters many restaurants with Mediterranean savours, plates of shells to the bull meat, light and inventive specialities with the products of the soil.


La Fleur de Sel de Camargue – Salt
Hand harvested, in the respect of traditions, the “Fleur de Sel” is naturally composed of white and damped crystals. It melts in your mouth and highlights delicately the flavours of the meals it is served with.


Le Vin des Sables – Wine
Providing from vineyards cultivated in sand and in an area unique in France, these wines of quality are coming from traditional and noble grape varieties. They can be red, “rosé”, grey or white.


aspergesL’asperge des Sables – Asparagus
Delicately hand harvested with the help of a “gouge” into the sand mounds, the sand asparagus is white, violet or green, according to the way it is harvested: before or after it sprout out of the soil. It has a flavour and a fragrance unique to our region.


Fougasse d'Aigues-Mortes

La fougasse d’Aigues-Mortes
Until quite recently, the “Fougasse” was cooked only for Christmas. The customer had to bring all the ingredients to the baker: Brioche-style dough, sugar, butter and orange flower. Nowadays you can buy some “Fougasse” all over the year. It was often imitated, but rarely equalled !

And also : « La Pomme de Terre des Sables », « la Carotte de Camargue », the rice beer